5 Ways To Tell If Someone Is A Good Poker Player

All poker players have different strategies and techniques to make a profit from poker, however, these 5 poker tips are what all good poker players will have mastered.
1. He folds his blinds. Most poker players have a ‘protect your blind’ mindset, which means they stake a large amount of their chips for their blinds, which are typically very small. This contradicts all poker related mathematics and probability, there is no justification for playing a trash – mediocre hand just because it’s your blind. If you do not have premium hole cards, throw them away, whatever your position.

2. He thinks before he acts. In every poker tournament, a player is granted ‘thinking time’ or ‘time to act’. In some tournaments this is reduced (such as turbo tournaments), but nevertheless, there is always some thinking time. If you’re putting your hard-earned cash on the table, take the time to think through the pros and cons of each decision.

3. He plays the same hand differently. If you only make large raises with pocket aces or kings, people will pick up on this and you wont get paid off. Sometimes you can slow play cards, or you could play 6-7 suited the same as you’ve played aces, and see if you can connect with the flop. You should always make it difficult for your opponents to read your hands.

4. He plays tight. Occasionally you will find a top class poker player who plays any hand, but more often than not, poker players will only play premium hands (unless they have odds to play worse hands). When you take the glamour out of poker, you can see that it is purely a game of probability, which means they higher standard of cards you play, they higher probability of winning the hand you have.

5. He plays aggressive. As stated in (4), you should be playing tight poker, only playing premium cards pre-flop. Once you are involved in the hand, it’s time to turn aggressive. You should always make a continuation bet (whether you hit the flop or not), and always be the aggressor at betting. If you make a large raise and he come over the top of you, you can assume you are beat. More often than not, one aggressive bet pre-flop will win you the pot.
Mastering poker takes more than just reading. To beat the best at poker, you must practice, and master these 5 basic skills of being a good poker player.